Corridor Wide Progress - Red Line Construction Reminders

Below is a high-level timeline. Dive into a more detailed construction schedule with weekly updates on our construction page.

  • Q3 2017: Complete Design Documents / Begin Bids
    • August 31st: Solicitation Release
    • Sept 19th: Pre-Bid
    • October 3rd: Questions Due
    • October 12th: Answers Provided
    • November 13th: Bids Due
    • November 13th: Bid Opening
    • December 7th: IndyGo Board Approval of construction contractor
  • 2018: Construction
    • Substantial Construction will take place over all of 2018.
    • Detailed Construction Schedule won’t be available until a construction contractor is selected by the end of 2017.
  • 2019: Open for Service
    • New IndyGo Bus Network will also begin